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August 2017
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Game Background

Twelve years ago, a Nine-Tailed Fox appeared in the village of Konoha. When the foxwaved its tails, mountains fell and a tsunami roared. Fortunately, there was a ninjawho managed to seal this powerful fox, but the ninja had to sacrifice himself.The ninja was the leader of Konoha ninjas - the Fourth Hokage. At that time, the baby Naruto Uzumaki was taken as a ‘container’ to seal theNine-Tailed Fox. Young Naruto whose parents died, always tried to play pranksto attract the attention of others. But people ignored him because of anineffable secret. In orderto win recognition from more people, Naruto decided to become the fifth Hokageof Konoha. Under the training of Kakashi and Iruka’s encouragement, the seventhclass: Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura embarked on individual training. Meanwhile,the Ninja War was about to erupt; ninjas from different villages joined theLand of Fire, Land of Wind and Land of Earth. They were also looking forAkatsuki’s true purpose. Playerswill act as the mayor of a village to establish their own ninja village,recruit ninjas, and create ninja squads to join battle, from which they canreceive additional resources and strengthen the capacity of their ninjas.